Montary Information

a. Bad checks and counterfeit warnings to Chamber members b. Peso/Dollar exchange rate information c. Counterfeit bills, sales tax seminars


a. Distributes Calexico and Imperial Valley Maps and Brochures b. Distributes Community Profile c. Distributes Hotel, Housing, Restaurants, Schools, Church listings d. Distributes Mexicali Maps & Brochures e. Organizes social and community events for Winter Visitors f. WorkscloselywithMexicali Tourism & Convention Bureau


a. Distributes industrial information and statistics b. Work with City of Calexico Redevelopment Agency c. Work with City of Calexico Economic Development Commission d. Work with CANACINTRA, Mexicali’s Chamber of Industry e. Work with Mexicali’s Maquiladora Association

Retail & Wholesale

a. Works with the Calexico Downtown Revitalization Program b. Promotes Calexico as a Unique Shopping District c. Organizes special events and distributes promotional flyers d. Organizes Business Lecture Series e. Participant & Organizer of Joint f. OrganizesMardiGras&Business Expo g. Works with local media for Business Promotion and Advertising h. Organizes Ribbon Cuttings and Business Mixers

Community Events

a. Calexico Annual Christmas Parade b. Annual Mariachi Festival Sin Fronteras c. 4th of July Fireworks Freedom Fest d. 16th of September Mexican Independence Day Celebration e. Welcome Teacher’s Luncheon f. City of Calexico Anniversary Celebration g. Chamber Annual Membership Dinner & Lava Lamp Awards h. Calexico Annual Farmworker’s Breakfast


a. Works with all media b. Promotions & Advertising c. Personal appearances & presentations d. Business liaison with elected officials e. Chamber Newsletter f. ChamberWebPage

National and International Affairs

a. Works closely with Elected Officials in U.S. and Mexico b. Customs and Border Protection/Ports of Entry c. Mexicali Mayor’s Office & Tourist Bureau d. Member of the Border Trade Alliance e. Member of the California

Chamber of Commerce Member of theUnitedStates- Mexico Chamber of Commerce Member of U.S. Ports of Entry Committee


Informs Chamber members of laws that can affect businesses. Works with elected officials on legislation to benefit Calexico and business community.

Non-Profit Organizations

Membership dues are tax- deductible Ribbon Cuttings, Grand Openings and promotional events are provided to Chamber members. Chamber members are listed on Chamber Web Page. Chamber members listed in Chamber Business Directory Chamber members Newsletter Benefits